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You make the music.
You deserve the profits.
Join us in creating a world where digital technology empowers artists, not streaming companies.

Not too long ago, artists survived and thrived thanks to profits from album sales. But digital streaming changed all that—and not because today’s technology isn’t profitable. In fact, the music industry is exploding, and digital streaming alone generated over $7 billion in 2018.

But few music creators are seeing those profits, and most indie artists are struggling to make it. Why?

Paying music creators to use their music is the biggest expense music streamers have. They will always argue to pay music creators less.

We believe it’s time for a change. We believe it’s time for a Rhythmic Rebellion.

What Is Rhythmic Rebellion?
Rhythmic Rebellion is a platform where music creators will share their music and grow their fan base. Our software empowers you to…
Empowering Artists to Make
a Living in Music in 5 Steps
Artists and songwriters join our platform, upload their music, and create a website—all for free.
We feature deserving music creators in ad campaigns and special promotions to support indie artists as we grow our fan community.
Our software allows artists, music publishers, and music labels to find and connect with songwriters who self-publish their compositions for recording consideration.
We release additional tools and run paid contests to help artists connect with fans, release music, and generate income in the digital age.
As fans enjoy a unique entertainment experience, interact with music in a new way, and feel connected to their favorite artists, profits are used to increase the incomes of music creators.
Banding together and creating our own company is the only way music creators will ever be fairly paid for their work. This really is a Rebellion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please join us in creating a Rhythmic Rebellion and putting music profits back where they belong—in the hands of artists like you.
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